How Go-liquid brought their Customers a simple way to shop on the go

linda September 4, 2014 0
How Go-liquid brought their Customers a simple way to shop on the go, one of Magestore most enthusiastic customers, started implementing a Magento mobile app solution and they chose SimiCart from Magestore. Today is a lucky day for me to hold an interesting interview with Mr.Alexander Heaton, Web Director of
Let’s see his story and experience with SimiCart as well as the support service from Magestore.

Go-liquid and their mobile strategy by using SimiCart

Hi, I’m Alexander Heaton, Web Director of We are an online E-Cigarette and E-Liquid supplier based in the UK. We consistently use Magestore to improve our website to create a superior online shopping experience for our customers.
Mobile shopping is becoming more popular by the day and we had received feedback from our customers asking for a more compatible method of shopping on the go. That is why in our mobile strategy we decided to build a Magento mobile app for our store and as you can see, we also build a responsive design for our store, too. (“Yeah, I like your web interface indeed!”)

SimiCart as a mobile commerce solution

We have used Magestore multiple times prior to having Simicart and always look to see if they can meet our needs before trying any other developer. Then fortunately we knew about SimiCart and decided to use it as part of our mobile commerce solution.
At that moment it is too soon to be able to gauge customer reaction to our new app but we are totally satisfied with the design and features of our mobile store app. We are confident it will be a success and will continue to improve on the platform in cooperation with Magestore.


First experiences and expectations with the Magento mobile app built by SimiCart

Quick, easy access for “on the fly” shopping is how the mobile app brings convenience for customers and benefit our online business. In fact, shopping mobile app and mobile commerce are becoming very popular and is estimated to account for 1.5% of UK spending by 2020.


There was tiny problems when we worked with Magestore developer to build the app for our mobile store. We did experience some issues and Magestore has 100% delivered on correcting any problems and ensuring we get the best out of the product. (“Oh, Thank God!”)

Any last word or recommendation of SimiCart and Magestore?

We will always regard Magestore as the number 1 stop for any Magento development that we need, even if other suppliers have cheaper prices, with Magestore we believe the quality is always worth their cost.
Thank you so much for your story, Alex. We wish you good luck and prosperity in your business!

Source: Magestore Magento Blog