How Wedeliver faster its business growth with SimiCart

linda August 28, 2014 0
How Wedeliver faster its business growth with SimiCart

Hey guys, 

Today post is an interview with Wedeliver – one of our customers. Let’s roll down and see how they are happy with our product and services.

The faster the delivery is, the happier our customers will be

Marcos Villares Law is the managing director- owner of – an online alcohol and beverages supplier. His company aims at providing customers with the fastest liquor delivery service (under 30 minutes).

He shared with us the reason why he need to resort to building a . He said it was because of “convenience and fast sales” which is brought about by mobile store app.

So many options but… we chose SimiCart

When asked why he choosed SimiCart, Marcos replied “because it is affordable with fast deployment”- He stated.

Apparently, there are a lot of companies which also provide building app service, however, at higher price and with more time for customizing. SimiCart is different because only with an incredible price of 99$, you will have life-time support and white label mobile app. All you need is to submit necessary information and SimiCart developers will build your app from A to Z. In the upcoming upgraded version, SimiCart will bring about more and more miracle experiences in building customizable Magento mobile app.

Customer reaction and the first experience with weDeliver Magento mobile app 

He also shared with me the first reactions or customers “some have said it’s hard to navigate, but mostly are happy. It’s a fast channel to fulfill order and browse products”

“Besides, the paypal payment does not seem to work, but we still get the order” – He continued (thanks god for that!)

He kept saying that SimiCommerce developers supported him to fix it with enthusiasm although it took him a bit time.

We all look forward to upgraded version of SimiCart

When asked about the new SimiCart which will be released in late of March, Marcos revealed that he looked forward to new and improved versions.

Thank you so much for your story, Marcos. We hope that the next version of SimiCart will benefit your business more. We wish you good luck and prosperity in your business!

Source: Magestore Magento Blog