SimiCart – Best Magento Mobile App builder

SimiCart is a Magento Mobile App builder platform developed by Magestore – top 3 Magento extensions provider. SimiCart will automatically build a native app for your online business within the information you provide in just 3 minutes without technical knowledge. 

SimiCart is known with three outstanding features: 

  • Create your app in minutes without any coding
  • Customize easily with plugins
  • Be full integrated with Magento webstores.

Create your app in minutes without any coding

SimiCart is an app builder platform, which will automatically build a native app for your online business within the information you provide. Within 3 mins, not 30 days or 3 months as normal, you can have a powerful app with optimized mobile UI.

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Customize apps with plugins

SimiCart is developed on plugin mechanism, which increases the ability to customize your app. Much like Lego, now you can build your app by matching it with plugins that suit your online business most. Don’t worry that yours will be another cloned app. It’s made for your webstore only.

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The wisest choice for Magento stores

Many differences that make SimiCart your wisest choice:

  • It’s specially designed for Magento stores where products with many options can be supported.
  • It’s directly connected with your system, thus raising the access speed and data security.
  • It runs smoothly and provides more user-friendly interface.
  • It can be built with any language and currency.magento mobile app magento stores

How to build your own Magento Mobile App with SimiCart

Step 1: Build your Magento Mobile App

Configure your app: App name, website url, theme color, icon, logo, splash screen…, then choose plug-ins to add features you need. The app will be automatically built for your store.

build magento mobile app with simi

Step 2: Publish your Magento Mobile App

We will submit your app and maintain them with regular updates. Or you can select to submit the app by yourself.

publish mobile shopping app

Step 3: Customers install your Magento Mobile App

When the app gets approved by App store, your customers can install it and enjoy the convenient shopping right on their mobile devices.

customers install magento mobile app

After you get a app, you can add more features to moible store app by installing plugins without complicated customization process. You can click here to find suitable plugins for your store.

In additon, app built by SimiCart is native app, which will be installed directly onto mobile device itself. It runs fast, smothly to make sure that customers’ buying experience on your shopping app will be fantastic. Now, SimiCart supports 3 most popular platforms: 

  • Native iPhone app builder
  • Native iPad app builder
  • Native Android app builder

Magento Mobile Extension SimiCart

Magento Mobile App Simicart