Google released Google Analyics App for iPhone

linda July 21, 2014 0
Google released Google Analyics App for iPhone

On 17 July 2014, Google released Google Analyics App for iPhone after two years since the appearance of Google Analytics App for Android.

The iPhone app comes with everything you’d expect if you’ve ever used the Android version. Along with real-time and time-based reports, you can also use the app to view behaviors, conversions and more.

google analytics iphone app

An official app is a welcome alternative to the third-party apps that Google Analytics users have had to use up until this point. The official app takes full advantage of the sign-in features in Gmail, Google+ and the standard Google app for iOS. Not to mention the design matches the other Google apps for iOS.

The Google Analytics mobile app does come with some limitations though. The limitations affect account configuration and settings, like creating properties or views, editing Goals or filters, adding users, and changing permissions. You will still have to sign in to your Google Analytics Account using a desktop browser in order to use those features.

If you’re an iPad user, you may be disappointed to know that the Google Analytics app is not optimized for the iPad, but hopefully that’s something Google is working on.