Which’s the best choice to build Mobile Commerce App for Magento stores

linda November 17, 2014 0

Hey guys,

How was your weekend? Is it fun? Wild and interesting? If not, I have something to bring smile to your face. let’s say “Cheese” now.

Well, I guess that you are not wondering about going mobile or not as it’s the Must-Follow trend these days, however, it seems you need more information to make decision to go forward.

Don’t worry, I ‘ve got it for you. After nights and days gathering data on  6 mobile app builders for Magento web store, I came up with a white paper which can be used as a reference for you to select suitable solutions.

This white paper will help you to  have a deep look into SimiCart and how it’s compared with other solutions on following aspects:

  • Integration with Webstore
  • App customization
  • Mobile marketing
  • Mobile optimization
  • Price, support, update.
  • Other aspects: Security, Platform support…

You don’t have spend your limited time to surfing on the internet to get the answer any more, you can get it free now:

Comparison on 6 mobile commerce app builders for Magento from Magento Mobile SimiCart